My Bakery Empire App Reviews

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No ads

Way too many ads put it is still fun

My empire bakery

Really like this game because I can be creative and I can bake stuff


I llllllllllllove this game

Sooo fun!!!!!!

I think this game is really fun but sometimes it can take a while to load but all in all it is a great game

Best game ever I love it

Hi I my name is Carly and I love the app bye bye love Carly

Great app

The reason I gave it a four star was because it’s supper fun just so many adds . But overall if you like cooking apps this is a great app.


I love my bakery empire

It’s a rip off

This is not what I call a game I call this crap 💩

Best Game Ever!!

I love this game so much!! So addictive and awesome way to pass time!! I totally recommend this game!! So creative!! One prob is there are a few things that cost money.......not big ones though!! Love the challenges!! Really ❤️ this game!! Best one by far! So big 👍🏻 from me!😜😜😜

I Love Baking!

Baking is awesome and this game is awesome! I totally recommend it to people who enjoy baking! You can literally bake anything! Accept for pies:( I give it 5 stars thanks for making this game! Please add pies! I love this game so much I think I wanna bake a real cake now! The only thing I don’t like is that it has so many ads! Please remove the ads please!!!!! I recommend it to bakers :)

Great Game but...

The game had too many adds which really bugged me. Also, for me, the loading screen takes TOO LONNGG!!!!!!!! Overall, the game is not that bad.

Cute game

The game is cute and cool but, I’d like it if there was more stuff like new outfits,new baking recipes,and a whole other new stuff but still pretty awesome and cute



Bake till you ake

It helps you bake and it is awesome so you should have totally put 5 stars 🎂🍭💕

a little disappointing

I like this app but I really don’t like the fact that my chocolate chip cookies are so popular. And why is the discount $6.99?! THAT’S BARELY A DISCOUNT! There’s another oopsy daisy in this game. WHY ARE ALL THE BAKERIES LOCKED! Think of it like this:🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒

Plz Restart the game

First of all, the customers always ask for something u need to buy, and secondly, the music and physics are bad. You might is well yield your money from charity is you do this everyday.

Pretty good game

I love to make sweet treats and sharing my cakes and cookies with my friends and family and this game helps me let my inner baker shine:)

To Easy

I'm 12 and this game is WAY to easy.🙁Sometimes it is nice to have a challenge this game is for three year olds

It is an amazing game! I love it! And I’d like to say...

It is like an bakery adventure! I wish you could open a new game that’s a little like this! I am lucky I have it!

Down. Load. NOW.

This game is awesome! I’m twelve and I enjoy playing it, but so does my 3 year old brother. It’s very age inclusive because of the little turn symbols or having what you’re supposed to tap light up, etc. Download now!

I love my bakery

I love this game because I love ❤️ to cook I love cookies cake smoothies dounuts I love them all


These cakes look great!

Love it 😍

The game is so cool because you get to make things your way, SOMETIMES!! Not all the time!I say if you want this app but your not sure to get it, I would tell you to get it! So get this app have fun!! That’s why i give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

The way you can do it is just omg,70s

I just love ❤️ the world

The adds

The adds. I would have given this game more stars but the adds just come on all the time.

Was fun until...

I myself love baking for real, and I thought this app was going to be fun... that is until I realized that you can’t play any further until you buy everything with real money. Also, i did not like the fact that you put ads and videos on every single item that you need. This game is not fun period.

Love this game but needs a few changes

I love cooking games but it seems like all of coco games are “buy full version to get this and that” I’m sick and tired of being a loser cause I don’t have the full version. Why bother making this if you have to buy everything. Sorry if this is a little harsh but this is how I feel

Great game

Super entertaining and relaxing. And really easy to get coins unlike other games.

The review

This is one of the best bakery games I’ve ever played.

It doesn’t load!!

I like it but it doesn’t load.

I love this game

This is a really fun game and the strawberry smoothie recipe actually works


I love this game so much

My bakery empire is best game ever and that’s all I have to tell


Good but...

Ok so this game is super fun and I definitely recommend it. The thing is it’s freezes a lot like when you wanna watch a video to unlock something or your delivering. It’s annoying but that doesn’t happen all the time.

This game is awesome

This game is so much fun you can level up an get to have new shops it’s so much fun you will love it

I love this game!

This is an amazing game! I love to cook, so this is my game. The graphics are incredible. I did only give it 4 stars though because it does crash sometimes. Other than that, I definitely recommend getting Bakery Empire!❤️❤️❤️👌🏻✌🏻🍰🍰🍬🍬🍭🍭


I live on this game it is the BEST

Fun but a rip off

My mom paid to remove the adds and now I can’t do most quests because most every thing is locked plus some of the messages that you will get you won’t even be able to do them unless you pay 10$! I don’t think this game is worth 10 dollars...


This game has far to many ads

I love it

This game is so cool I love coco games


this is an amazing game i recommend it for anyone from 3-11 i love it,it improves hand eye cordination!

I love my bakery empire

It’s so much fun my favorite thing is the competitions!


To many things to unlock and purchase!


This is such a great game for girls who love ❤️ cooking 🍳 it has all elements to know how to cook 👩‍🍳. I wish I could give it 💯 stars ⭐️

The bakery

Once upon a time there is this family named the Robinsons they work at the bakery for almost all their life making cakes smoothies and cookies who is just amazing but until somebody walked in when one of the Robinsons was it was their first time in the bakery when somebody just walked in all he heard was a stomp stomp stomp and after he had the stamp stamp stamp the boy stamp stamp stamp in to the bakery saying I want a cake a smoothie and a cookie give me all you have! And little boy said well all I have is is fine cookies but he did not know that that he wasn’t he wasn’t allowed to sell all their thing he said the whole tire thing and then I had to shut down for good just because of stump stump stump monster Varvara wrong and he never knew after he left his family was actually there the end


I was amazed on how fun this is the only concern is you have to buy everything and I shouldn’t have to watch an ad just to pay for more things


I'm so proud of the Riley.

My Baking Empire Review

I LOVE this game so much! It really makes you to discover the baking possibilities. But the thing that really bugs me is hands and the arrows. I want to do my own thing individually. And another thing is that I want to make my own recipes and not only create Mango and Banana Smoothies, or only make chocolate donuts. Thank you so much and I hope this game gets that update!!!

Same time

Can you open all bakery’s at the same time?Beacuse I want to make princess cakes!

Awesome Game

I love this game! Only thing I will say is there are to many in app purchases. But other than that I like the graphics and the concept. Good job, Cooc! -Erin

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